New Hay

New Hay Arriving Daily Here we go again... drought, drought, drought... You don't have to worry about your hay needs here at Burris Farms, because we have new hay arriving daily, alfalfa, alfalfa mix, orchard, orchard mix, timothy, timothy mix, mixed grass and now we...

Dakota Premuim Closing

Dakota Premium closing I say is probably a bad thing for some, but here Burris Farms has all your hay needs, from alfalfa, alfalfa mix, orchard grass, orchard grass mix, timothy, and timothy mix, with Dakota Premium closing, we here at Burris Farms can supply you with...

Hay Getting Low

Hay supplies are getting low, and prices are getting higher, so lock in your hay needs now. We still have a good selection of hay, new loads arriving weekly. So call or come by to fill your inventory today.   Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

New Hay

Due to the drought in Texas, Oklahoma, some of Kansas, and Nebraska Due to the extreme drought in Texas, Oklahoma, some of Kansas, and Nebraska, hay has been a real concern. We at Burris Farms do understand how hard it is to locate certain kinds of hay like alfalfa,...

Farmers: We’re Here to Help!

Farmers mean a lot to this country, and we know it's not an easy task. “The welfare of the farmer is vital to that of the whole country.” --William Howard Taft         Farmers are essential to this country and its agricultural market. Whether you’re...


Need a smaller load of hay delivered? We can accommodate that now. We now have a trailer and Moffett forklift to unload your hay at your farm. We can deliver the large square bales 3x3x8 or 3x4x8's or pallets of hay to your farms and place it in the barn hands free....

Hay Hay Hay

New shipment of all types of good quality hay arriving daily, come by. Arriving daily, new shipments of good quality horse hay. Come by and check out our inventory, I'm positive we have what you need.


I know the weather is still bad but the hay at Burris Farms is still good and going strong, so stop by and see what we offer. Thank you all!

Alpaca Show

Weather at the Alpaca show Hope everyone had a good time at the alpaca show this weekend despite the weather. We still have all the hay for all your animal needs. Stop by and check out our new arrivals of hay.