Due to the drought in Texas, Oklahoma, some of Kansas, and Nebraska

Due to the extreme drought in Texas, Oklahoma, some of Kansas, and Nebraska, hay has been a real concern. We at Burris Farms do understand how hard it is to locate certain kinds of hay like alfalfa, alfalfa mix, so we traveled to South Dakota this week to see for ourselves the demand and shortage there is for this certain kind of hay, and by what we’ve seen and heard the demand is getting short and prices are getting high, so we purchased a well amount of this kind of hay so we would not run out or pay higher prices later in the year. We try our best to be competitive with other hay suppliers. Don’t be left out, give us a call or email us to set your demand for hay. Supplies want last so get on the wagon and order your hay supply today. We also have other types of hay to. Due to the amount of hay we have here at Burris Farms its hard to list all the hay prices, so don’t be hesitant to email or give us a call at 931-580-6835 for more info. Thank You for visiting our web site. Truly Burris Farms