Burris Farms Hay and Straw

burris farms hay and strawAs a middle Tennessee hay distributor, Burris Farms offers a wide variety of forage for horses, alpacas, sheep, goats, and cattle. We know your concerns regarding cuttings, moisture, weeds, and mold and offer only quality grass at the best cost available. Our Steffen bale compression system allows you to stock up on twice as much hay.

Terry Burris established Burris Farms in 1973 after two years of college. He wanted to be a farmer since the age of six. Growing up on a farm gave him all the knowledge he needed to run a successful operation in the hay industry in middle Tennessee.

Fifty percent of our hay is grown locally, but we will buy and ship any type you need. We have received hay as far north as Canada and as far west as California.

A couple of customers have compared us to a McDonald’s drive-thru: place your order, get your load, and you’re on your way. Another said we were like a candy store: any flavor of hay you want. At Burris Farms, whether you’re ordering one bale or a truckload, we’ll personally work with you to get exactly what you’re looking for at the best price we can find.

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